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The legal team at Valdespino & Associates PA understand that when you're calling on their services, you are experiencing one of the more traumatic times in your life. That's why you need a calm, cool and collected team on hand who can help you through the stressful legal process, using their knowledge and expertise to make it as speedy and painless as possible, and to get a resolution that works for you.

Our legal system protects us all, but it can also be complex with red tape and regulations to navigate. Our expert team can help you through the process and save you time and money. Valdespino & Associates PA specializes in family law and offers a range of domestic legal services including mediation and custody settlements, alimony payments, contested hearings and trials.

A Florida law firm, we represent people going through stressful divorces and specialize in counselling clients to determine clear objectives and tactics. We provide quality legal representation while having a clear understanding of all the conflicting emotions and issues involved. And should a case go to trial, our experienced attorneys come out fighting to protect your family’s rights.