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When going through a legal process, it's empowering to have all the relevant information at hand. And while, Valdespino & Associates are always up to date, with all the latest laws regulations and developments, we have always made a point of sharing information with clients and teaching them about the processes they are facing. Here we have collected various documents that are both interesting and useful. Click on the links to download this information in PDF format.

Uncovering electronic evidence (2013)
The retrieval, authentication, admission and preservation of electronic evidence.

Cultural considerations in domestic abuse cases
A look at how cultural difference can affect family law and behavior in court

Uncovering electronic evidence (2007)
How electronic evidence can be used in family law cases

Questions for cross examining guardians
A series that might be used when cross examining the parent or guardian of a child

Cross examination and the rules of the game
Tips and tricks for cross examining a witness in a family law case

27th Annual Nuts & Bolts of Divorce Family Law Seminar (Dec 4, 2019)
Top Technology Tips: Everything Is Difficult Before It Becomes Easy


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